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Why Is Project Management Important?

9.9% of every rand is wasted due to poor project performance and management. 32% of the budgeted profit is lost when a profit fails to reach its goals.



Key Elements in Project Management



What We Apply In Client Project Management:


Skills and Dashboard Views

Methods of Execution


Tools and Techniques – Information Technology & Software


Documentation, Resources, Requirements and Risk Management


Management of Key Project Resources




Working Capital

Project management software?


We use apply relevant software for project management.

We use software tools to help plan, organize, and manage team's work, from start to finish.

Good project management software also acts as a collaboration tool.

We coordinate team tasks so everyone knows the project status.

 We share feedback, files, and status updates.

Plus, get a complete view of work so teams tackle the right tasks at the right time.


Our Project Planning Approach


Determine ‘what’ is to be done


Determine ‘who’ will be involved


Determine ‘when activities will be done


Identify assumptions and constraints


Determine ‘how’ the project will be done

Utilise multiple techniques and approaches




The elements of a project life cycle should define



What work must be accomplished

What deliverables must be generated and reviewed

How much working capital and financial resources are needed at each phase,

Who must be involved – all stakeholders,

How to control and approve each phase.


Determining these elements will take a project from start to finish. It provides a systematic,

timely, and controlled process that benefits a project’s stakeholders.



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